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  • Tel:+86-555-5963786 5963788
    Jiang Youan +86-13382019118
    Zong Bing +86-13912949432
    About us

    Founded in 2001, Anhui Weichi Chemical Co., Ltd. was restructured from the former Nanjing Weichi Chemical Co., Ltd. It is situated in Fine Chemical Industrial Base of Anhui Province (Wujang Town, He County, Ma'anshan City, Anhui Province, China). The planning area of the project is 200,000 sqm, total construction investment is 53.1 million Yuan RMB. The enterprise specializing in the production of high efficient antioxidant 44PD(namely antioxidant 4720, N,N'-di-sec-butyl-1,4-phenylenediamine), antioxidant 4030 and other additives. The quality of these two products has reached international advanced level, which fills in the blank in China. Adhering to the credit policy, we sincerely serve the domestic and overseas customers and we wish to communicate with gasoline antioxidant, oil refining agent, rubber antioxidant users and manufacturers.
    We have advanced production process, complete inspection method, and our independently developed antioxidant 44PD fills in the blank of China, the quality of our products has reached the international advanced level.
    As new generation rubber antioxidant product, antioxidant 4030 has prominent ozone resistant property and environmental property.
    On the basis of 'integrity, innovation' operation philosophy and 'quality first, service top' policy, we sincerely provide you with excellent products and services, we also wish to communicate and cooperate with domestic and overseas counterparts.